Most businesses struggle to articulate the value of what they really offer to win their ideal customers. At Brilliant Branding, the process we’ve developed helps you clarify your brand message and refine your delivery, so you connect with the customers you really want.

Your brand is not just your logo. A logo a visual prompt so it has to be good.

Robust brands are built. They develop their own distinct personalities – like flavours or scents – seeping through the essence of your business, carried in your customer engagement, your sales and marketing, emails and calls, the systems you develop, how your staff act and dress, your workplace culture and vision.

Your brand lies deep within the DNA of your business and in the expectation of the end user. It’s defined by what your customers and others say about you, your vision, and how you tell your your unique story. It’s the platform from which you advertise, market and sell.

Brilliant Branding is a Brisbane based boutique branding, marketing and advertising agency. We guide you through a tailor-made process to build your know-like-trust-buy connection with your customers to increase your sales. We work with companies Australia wide.


Every business has a brand, for better or worse.
We position you get the most out of yours.
    • Research and Insight
    • Strategic Planning
    • Brand Audit
    • Business Naming
    • Logo Development
    • Corporate Identity


    • Website Design
    • Packaging
    • Exhibition Displays
    • Print Collateral
    • Magazine Publications
    • Annual Reports


    • Print and Media Advertising
    • Signage and Banners
    • Office Presentation
    • Uniforms
    • Transport
    • Events and Exhibitions


    • Audit and Analysis
    • Positioning
    • Marketing Plans
    • Headlines, Taglines, Messaging
    • Copywriting and editing
    • Timeline Planning


    • Website Strategy
    • Brand Story Messaging
    • UX Design
    • Website prototyping
    • Website Build
    • Brand Consistency


    • Seminars Workshops
    • Focus Groups
    • Change Implementation
    • How To Tell Your Story
    • Staff Training
    • Team Building




We are a dynamic husband and wife team with over 30 years’ experience in helping businesses to grow by guiding them on how to leverage their brand value and message. When you work with us, you get us and our strategic expertise for guaranteed results.

We help you tell your brand story to build sales and grow your business. We challenge, coach and inspire business leaders, leadership teams and entrepreneurs. One of our favourite sideline projects is mentoring younger leaders to develop a sense of identity in business, relationships and life.


  • “St John’s has worked with Les Hannaway since 2001. We look forward to continuing this partnership because of strong relationships built over the many years of reliable, expert service and support.”
    Janette Collins, Manager, Marketing and Enrolments, St John's Anglican College
  • “Les and Liz are individual thinkers of the highest caliber and I have great pleasure in recommending their work.”
    Peter De Jong, Peter De Jong's Rental Domain
  • Les is still an honorary member of Jade Financial Services. Thanks again Les, we just love what you’ve created.
    Dianne Charman, Jade Financial Group
  • “The best compliment we can give is that we would do it all over again…”
    Greg McClure, Summit Sport - Our client for 12 years


We believe in…

Our Clients – valued collaborative partnerships are at the heart of everything we do

Excellence – in simplicity of message, timely strategic process and consistency in delivery

Enthusiasm – using suitable brand and marketing skills to ignite your customer engagement

Thought – empowering you and your teams to be your best brand ambassadors

Intentionality – we live by what we believe with purpose, vision and present-future focus

Courage – we do what is ‘right’ but not necessarily easy, and let consequences follow

Fun – we love what we do and have fun doing it because laughter is great for our souls

We don’t believe in wasting your time, investment and energy. If you ever have any questions, please talk with us. We are here to help you.

Our 100% Guarantee… All our work is subject to an unconditional client satisfaction guarantee. If you aren’t completely satisfied with our services we will work with you until we achieve your anticipated outcome.