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Originating in Queensland in the 1920s, the Building Industry Credit Bureau (BICB) is Australia’s largest building industry trade bureau. It is an independent, membership-based, not-for-profit organisation. BICB provides members (suppliers to the building and construction industries), with robust, up-to-date, credit history information, empowering them to make well-informed credit management decisions.

While well-regarded and highly rated, BICB needed to modernise its image, raise its profile and communicate its value to a wider market.


Initially developing a contemporary logo to reflect BICB’s core strength and purpose, Brilliant Branding also developed the name and logo for the software, Risk Tracker—a powerful statistical tool, available only to BICB members and a game-changer for credit managers.

BICB had identified the 12 most frequently asked customer questions and requested that Brilliant Branding develop and expand that story across their website and marketing collateral.

Working with BICB’s web developer, Brilliant Branding designed and project-managed the new website build.

BICB was facing major issues around how the organisation was presented. We needed to define our value and lift our profile. Since the rebrand and website launch, visibility and membership has gone through the roof. The easily recognisable, iconic umbrella is now a significant part of our brand identification. The rebrand also gave us significant impetus to set new internal standards; to deliver ‘gold standard’ in everything we do.

Brilliant Branding have been easy to work with—insightful, flexible, and helpful. They’ve improved our understanding of the important role of branding. It’s been a very fruitful experience.

Wayne Clark Outgoing Executive Director of BICB

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