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This entrepreneur is always up for a challenge! Footwear, clothing, motorsport, or snack food—he sees the potential in offering something different, often building and selling businesses as they grow.

Every new idea needed a brand to meet its appropriate market opportunity.


The Rocko’s logo was developed in 2007. ‘When your sandshoes break, grab a pair of Aussie thongs’. Rocko’s is known for their robust double-plugger thongs, with sales through service stations, tourist outlets, and chemist shops. The now trade-marked Rocko’s logo continues strong today.

The Northern Gear logo was developed for the Northern Territory market, versatile to be able to go on clothing, footwear, and vehicles.

The Manuwi logo was developed for the motorsport industry.

Uncle Rod’s is an Australian made pork crackling range sold in independent supermarkets. Since the 2022 product rebrand, there has been up to a 30% increase in sales.

When I started my business as a beginner in 2005, Les was very knowledgeable and excellent. He listened and had great ideas. What he did with the Rocko’s branding is still going 20+ years later! And I still talk to him for business, branding and development.

Wherever you are in business, I recommend that Les is the guy to talk to. I’ve spoken to him recently, just bouncing things around. I’ve got a lot of experience and I’ve been very successful—that I still talk to Les about branding and business speaks for itself.

Rodney Rock An Entrepreneur

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