What Our Clients Say…

Liz & her team at Brilliant Branding recently created my website. From the initial meeting (there were lots of questions!), to the communication during the process, and through to final delivery, Liz was amazing! It was great to work with such a professional creative team, with attention to detail and ability to deliver on time! What can I say, they are Brilliant!!!

Debbie Haddock, Purely Creative Solutions

Les, I’d recommend you to anybody! I think you’ve got a really good understanding of business and branding, and how to make it all work. So, whether you are starting out or whether you have 20 years’ experience in business, Les is still the guy to talk to.

Rodney Rock, An Entrepreneur

For us it comes down to ease, value, and simplicity. Liz and Les consider everything—messaging, design, talking strategy, our processes, why we do certain things… And no more headaches juggling five or six vendors to end up with something we’ve wasted a lot of money on for incohesive results!

Josh Knight, R&F Steel Buildings

Brilliant Branding has made a significant contribution to help Franchise Simply maintain a prominent position in the franchise community today. If you’re looking for a professional, insightful, reliable, and creative marketing team to build to your business, I strongly recommend Les, Liz and their team. 

Brian Keen, Franchise Simply

Three main benefits we’ve experienced from working with Brilliant Branding—clear articulation of who we are to customers and staff; a comprehensive style guide to ensure brand consistency; confidence for key stakeholders, knowing we hold to high levels of professionalism and service delivery. 

Damien Owens, OMS Facilities Maintenance