Rental Domain is a large specialist property management agency in the west Brisbane / Ipswich corridor. After selling their property sales division of a national real estate franchise, the directors wanted to relaunch the remaining successful property management division under a new brand.

Brilliant Branding was commissioned to develop a name and identity for the business. We wanted one which exceeded its current market space, yet is an asset to a possible future sale of the agency.


We established that the principal, Peter de Jong, was a respected figure within the regional property sector. Developing the new name ‘Peter de Jong’s Rental Domain’ combined the established value of his identity with a strongly recognisable business name. Peter’s personal brand value allowed the second part of the title to develop its own brand value. If needed, the two elements could be ‘unbolted’ in the future.

Brilliant Branding developed a strong brand identity to relaunch the business. Implementation included stationery, signage, vehicles, uniforms, property signs, marketing collateral and website header.


Rental Domain experienced a smooth transition to the new brand, as well as a solid increase in the number of landlords on their books. Rental Domain continues to hold the reputation as a leading force in property management.